Avoiding Employer Liability: Texting, Cell Phone & Social Media Policy Best Practices

Laws are springing up everywhere prohibiting texting and talking on cell phones while driving.  Do you know what might happen when your employee violates these laws for work-related calls and injure others?  Creating a comprehensive cell phone and texting policy and best practices on implementing a cell phone and texting policy in your workplace could help you maximize avoiding employer liability.

  • We know the Do’s and Don’ts for What Should Be Included in the Policy
  • We can go over Recent Cases Holding Employers Liable so your staff will know how to avoid the dangers
  • Blogger Beware!  The Dangers of Failing to Draft Such a Policy
  • Tips For Managing the Risks of Social Media Technology
  • Don’t forget to also revising other policies to cover social media issues to Avoid Employer Liability
  • We can train your employees on your Cell Phone, Texting and Social Media Policy


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