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This August, Arizona SHRM will celebrate its 20th  Annual Conference. While I am fairly new to this organization, I have found that it is through this conference that I’ve gained so much over the years.

Each year I meet new colleagues and reconnect with great people in my network which I may have not seen since the year before.  Many of them are fellow volunteers!

I had started volunteering solely to obtain a discounted registration rate, but have found that I have gained much, much more than a discount.  In addition to those  who continue to give our time freely. I meet professionals seeking our next opportunities, company leadership representatives seeking to gain updated knowledge and have made new, lasting friendships as well.

Each year I gain knowledge.

Human Resource process, products and compliance change or improve each year.  If we don’t step away from our offices to update our professional knowledge,  then we may miss important updates which may become a  critical barrier our success. This conference is a perfect way to look up from all the work on our desks to concentrate on the bigger picture of Human Resources. Professional Development in our industry should not be an employer benefit, but should be a requirement.

Each year I learn about what our sponsors and exhibitors have to offer with the intent to improve our processes.

I often hear in my head, “Work smarter, not harder!”  Freeing up resources to bring on the best possible candidates with an acceptable background process who are thrilled about the company’s total rewards is essential. Just as important is the process to build up valuable employees and retain them for decades. It will be great to see what our exhibitors and sponsors will bring to ease our processes this year.


Is this the year you connect with your profession?

Conference Info & Registration

Arizona SHRM Affiliate, SHRMGP ( networking at the Diamondbacks Game 2014

Arizona SHRM Affiliate, SHRMGP ( networking at the Diamondbacks Game 2014

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