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I found an article today, “Mike Rowe teams with UTI to send teens to technical school” in the local Business Journal.  I was disappointed as it indicated that his Foundation had supported this effort, but it did not provide the foundation’s name, or anything about its mission.

Mike Rowe, from the popular show, “Dirty Jobs” as seen on Discovery Channel and now with reruns on Animal Planet has risen above and beyond just creating awareness about jobs for skilled trades.  If you recall, the jobs he featured on the show required manual labor which often included smells, grime and even dangerous situations.

I found a lot more about Mike Rowe and the Foundation he is representing.


The mikeroweWORKS Foundation promotes hard work and supports the skilled trades in a variety of areas. It awards scholarships to men and women whom have demonstrated an interest in and an aptitude for mastering a specific trade. The mikeroweWORKS Foundation is a 501(c) nonprofit organization

The Foundation has given more than $1.6 million in scholarships to schools around the country, including Midwest Technical Institute, Tulsa Welding School and Universal Technical Institute.  The foundation currently offers a few types of scholarships on the website.

Another item I found of tied to the mikeroweWORKS Foundation is The S.W.E.A.T. Pledge. (Skill and Work Ethic Aren’t Taboo.) He created this pledge because;

1. He believes what it says, and felt strongly that the world needs one more acronym.
2. He wanted to raise some money for the scholarship fund. (He sells them for $10, and the money goes to the foundation.)
3. He needed something declarative that everyone must sign who applies for a mikeroweWORKS Scholarship. Something that reflected his own view of work-ethic and personal responsibility.



(Skill & Work Ethic Aren’t Taboo)

  1. I believe that I have won the greatest lottery of all time. I am alive. I walk the Earth. I live in America. Above all things, I am grateful.
  2. I believe that I am entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Nothing more. I also understand that “happiness” and the “pursuit of happiness” are not the same thing.
  3. I believe there is no such thing as a “bad job.” I believe that all jobs are opportunities, and it’s up to me to make the best of them.
  4. I do not “follow my passion.” I bring it with me. I believe that any job can be done with passion and enthusiasm.
  5. I deplore debt, and do all I can to avoid it. I would rather live in a tent and eat beans than borrow money to pay for a lifestyle I can’t afford.
  6. I believe that my safety is my responsibility. I understand that being in “compliance” does not necessarily mean I’m out of danger.
  7. I believe the best way to distinguish myself at work is to show up early, stay late, and cheerfully volunteer for every crappy task there is.
  8. I believe the most annoying sounds in the world are whining and complaining. I will never make them. If I am unhappy in my work, I will either find a new job, or find a way to be happy.
  9. I believe that my education is my responsibility, and absolutely critical to my success. I am resolved to learn as much as I can from whatever source is available to me. I will never stop learning, and understand that library cards are free.
  10. I believe that I am a product of my choices – not my circumstances. I will never blame anyone for my shortcomings or the challenges I face. And I will never accept the credit for something I didn’t do.
  11. I understand the world is not fair, and I’m OK with that. I do not resent the success of others.
  12. I believe that all people are created equal. I also believe that all people make choices. Some choose to be lazy. Some choose to sleep in. I choose to work my butt off.

On my honor, I hereby affirm the above statements to be an accurate summation of my personal worldview. I promise to live by them.


I’ll be ordering one soon. I love it!




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