Defining Success

In planning your career trajectory, it is not only the path that needs to be defined, but what success means to you.  Finding a job or even planning out continued education before doing this could eventually set you back in your journey toward your goal.

  • Is it reaching the rung on your ladder of corporate climbing within a preferred company?
  • Is success being the highest income earner of your siblings or group of friends?
  • Is it obtaining your Master’s Degree or PhD?

Defining success for you will help you realize when you’ve achieved success.  When you should feel accomplished and come to the realization that you should feel satisfied at that point in life.  New goals are always encouraged, but a career defined, “Success” should be a place in life, not an eternal journey, never to be completed.

Have you defined a separate success for life and family yet?  Those are continued journeys and moving targets as life changes in a flash!

Image Credit Unknown
Image Credit Unknown

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